How Your Camera Works 3: Explaining the Aperture

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How Your Camera Works 3 If you haven't read How your camera works 1 on Your Camera Loves Neutral Grey How Your Camera Works 2 on Exposure, then go read that first! The next three articles deal with the factors that affect exposure. This article is on Aperture. Shutter and ISO will follow. Aperture The aperture is [...]

How Your Camera Works 2: Understanding Exposure

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How Your Camera Works 2 If you have read How Your Camera Works 1 on neutral grey, then the next four articles will deal with exposure. As there are a few different factors that affect exposure, I will break it up into four separate posts; Exposure, Aperture, Shutter and ISO. It should also be noted that [...]

How your camera works 1: Your camera loves neutral grey

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How your camera works 1: Your camera loves neutral grey About the series This is the first in a series of articles where I will explain how your camera works. My aim is to help both amateur and professional level photographers. This article in the amateur category is about how your camera works, and is written [...]

Scarves by Holzweiler Agency

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The product I recently did a very fruitful collaboration with Holzweiler Agency creating campaign material and a lookbook for their new scarf collection. Holzweiler Agency's concept was to get involved with some noted artists from around the world and print some of their selected works on rolls of fabric that can be cut and sold per [...]