Florence Design

Florence Design, website & facebook, is a client of mine and we have built up a strong collaboration after a couple of years of shooting their campaign material. Capturing summer light in winter can sometimes be a little tricky and Florence Design always shoot their spring/summer material in winter. Considering that the Norwegian winters are very cold and dark, this was a good way to test my knowledge on lightning.

Summer shoot vs Norwegian Winter

The date that was decided for this shoot turned out to be the darkest and most snowy day that entire winter, but I like a challenge. Shot in the small town of Hønefoss, these extreme weather conditions put my creative lightning abilities to the test. Due to budget constraints I was limited to shooting with flash, whereas usually I prefer using continuous light when working on interiors, something that we secured for the 2012 summer campaign – an article will follow when the material is released.
Arriving on location my assistant and I went straight to rigging a scene that worked well, giving really warm summer-feeling light despite being shot in the dark and chilly Norwegian winter.

Florence design campaign and lookbook S/S 2011

The room we used as a location was clean, fresh and worked really well for this kind of shoot. I balanced the light coming smoothly from behind the product, bouncing nicely into the front. I salvaged the project was by putting almost all the light on the outside in the snow, making sure that all the gear was carefully packed and protected from the cold. This way, by sending the light through the window, the interior was captured in a light looking close to natural sunlight. The crisp contrasts and warm summer atmosphere impressed the client. The feedback Florence have got on their campaign have been nothing but positive and people are amazed that I managed to turn a harsh winter’s day into a golden summer afternoon.

Florence design campaign and lookbook S/S 2011

A strong team and a well-prepared photographer with a good understanding of light are key elements to delivering high-quality work to clients despite the season. A location is only limited by yourself and will provide you with the opportunity to show off your talents.

Stay focused, practice and evolve. Make every new shoot blow your last one away.